- Major Certification Programs (Transformation Workshops):

o    Supervisory Management (CSM)   Transformation seminars  
o    Organizational Management (COM) Transformation seminars        
o    Executive Leadership (CEL) Transformation seminars 1-2 Years
o    Leadership For New Graduates (CEL-Y)
o    Human Resource Management
o    Training & Instructional Delivery
o    Training & Instructional Design
o    Project Management


In order to enhance and develop management skills, these trainings guarantee a thorough preparation for your management teams to cope with the constant challenges ahead in the current competitive climate those organizations are facing.
Different courses can be offered on request.

Additionally, Innovative Group-USA & Harvest Group .ME offer tens of other Certification programs the same as well as more tailored courses and workshops. These programs cover the areas of personal, supervisory, management, and leadership development as well as organizational performance and development


- Introduction:

The program is a multi-phase approach to accelerate the achievement of business results in business units in different organizations through the development of a target group of managers.  The leadership pipeline for your esteemed company  begins with this population of newly promoted and newly recruited managers.

The leadership and performance management skills that people use throughout their careers take root in this first management position.  Companies that obtain consistent long term economic success ensure that there is a common foundation of performance management skills and knowledge.  The development of a common vocabulary enables individuals to be more effective within their work unit and across boundaries – business, cultural, geographic etc.

- Target Population:

The word “manager” is used to define an individual who plans and leads the activities of others against strategy and has responsibility for performance reviews and salary recommendations.

The target population is defined as follows:

•    Individuals within 18 -30 months after promotion to their first manager position

This is when the individual has gained enough experience to begin to know what they don’t know and has the desire to obtain tools, processes and skills that will enable them to be more effective( can be tailored for Manager above 1 Year.

•    Managers with experience who want to expand and update their skills and knowledge

More experienced and higher level managers know that their world is changing rapidly and the demands of the people they lead are different.  This program gives these managers the opportunity to revisit their basic skill sets, expand their repertoire, network with new managers and learn from their perspectives.

•    Managers newly recruited

At whatever level managers are recruited into the company, it is important that they quickly understand the ways results are achieved in .  This will enable them to integrate their own knowledge skills and experience into organizations more quickly to the mutual benefit of the company and the individual.

- Program Objectives:

The objectives of the program are for participants to:

•    Clearly understand the  culture,  common goals and model behaviors of organizations

•    Establish clear direction and alignment between people, functions, business unit, and the strategic direction of organizations

•    Acquire greater personal awareness and understanding of the impact of their leadership on others

•    Manage for performance excellence

•    Initiate and drive change and innovation in their departments

•    Inspire their teams/groups to their full potential

•    Share best practices

- Methodology:

A multi-phase process has been chosen to enable participants to:

•    Acquire knowledge and skills
•    Practice them with colleagues
•    Apply them on the job
•    Learn from experience
•    Gain greater personal awareness
The multi-phase approach (typical of effective approaches to adult learning) puts most of the responsibility on the learner who, together with the support of their manager, has the opportunity to practice new behaviors, develop new habits and achieve measurable results.

The process lasts initially from 6 to 12 months.  However, this is a program designed to create the foundation for a person’s career in management and leadership positions.  On going support will be provided through coaching, training, development and on line tools and processes.

Phase 1        Phase 2        Phase 3        Phase 4        Phase 5
Prework    ?    Program    ?    Action    ?    Program    ?    Integration

Identifying    Creating the    Testing        Achieving    Implementing
the Issues    ?Foundations    ?Yourself    ?Higher    ?    Daily
for Success            Performance        

?        ?        ?        ?        ?

4-6 weeks
before Phase2    3 days        8-16 weeks    3 days        6-12 months

- Core Deliverables:

This multi-phase process has been designed to provide a number of core deliverables.  The specific deliverables need to be agreed with each business unit in line with their specific business needs and their stage of people development.  For example, where a business unit has just invested heavily in coaching as a process, that part of the program and the associated deliverable may not be pursued.

These deliverables are not in order of priority.

At the end of the 5 Phases,    As measured by
participants will be able to    

1.    Lead in the context of the core capabilities: Clear direction and alignment between their work unit and company direction as demonstrated by mission statement and analysis of activities.

2.    Articulate their role and responsibilities as a manager: Priorities are published and communicated to all parties.

3.    Manage for performance – plan, write, prioritize objectives, assess performance and give feedback: Job/performance objectives are SMART and clearly operationalized.  Performance reviews are complete.

4.    Coach to improve performance: Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings.  Development plans in place for all.

5.    Use a range of tools/processes to motivate and energize their people: Productivity (output as measured) is increasing.

6.    Manage proactively by
-    focusing on priorities
-    reducing redundancies
:Use of Change processes and tools.

7.    Calibrate better their impact on others through feedback and self assessment: Team processes are clear, and understood as assessed through  methodology.

8.    Improve their people selection decisions - “right person in right job” : Overall rating of people in the performance matrix and succession plans in place for all key positions.

9.    Articulate their strengths and development needs: Working against an individual development plan.

- Distinctive Features of the Program:

The Program builds on management development that has been taking place in different companies, using many of the same models, processes and frameworks.  At the same time, it uses a number of approaches that are distinctive and that tie the acquisition of skills and knowledge to immediate application and practice on the job.

•    The program has a strong business focus with the objective of impacting a participant’s current performance as well as preparing them for future roles
•    The four capabilities of External Focus, Innovation, People and Performance are woven into the fabric of the five Phases of the  Manager Program.
•    Bsiness unit leaders are expected to be supportive, committed and involved in all phases of the process to ensure optimum benefit from the investment.
•    The Program is measured by on the job outcomes/applications using the principles of performance management and the processes
•    The Program design is flexible to meet the different emphasis for each business unit and to meet changing needs over time.  The framework, structure and process is common to each program across all business units but the choice of speakers, content and input by the business unit focuses each program on the specific needs of that business unit.

•    Optional :A 360-degree process provides in-depth feedback to all participants.

•    The Program is not a one shot event.  It is a process that lasts over the course of 6 – 12 months.
•    The Manager of the participant is involved from the very beginning.

•    The content is tied to on line support and coaching through the Harvest Manage Mentor to provide just in time learning.

•    Managers across organizations will be exposed to a consistent set of concepts and vocabulary, delivered at a uniformly high level that will build the foundation for individual development and cross boundary teaming
This program can be also performed in only 3 phases by putting Phase 2 And Phase 4 together in 5 days workshop

- Main Topics:

Reflection ,introduction to leading for result ,EI ,Role ,Feedback .

Phase II
learning style, Strategic and tactical coaching/4S ,Objectives and delegation, Alignment and influencing ,performance improvement  ,individual leadership ,organizational leadership ,planning for development ,Action planning.

Phase IV
Learning from experience ,team development and resource allocation , managing conflict ,Moral and motivation ,interviewing ,Problem solving ,drilars and challenge of change  ,action planning