Human resource
Our aim to build organizational capabilities by developing its individual’s collective competencies and synchronizing these capabilities in alignment with our business strategies To make people our competitive edge”

I) learning and development

1-Educational Mission:

To this effect, Harvest will periodically reviews your human resources pool of competencies in line with your strategic plan to meet your current and future objectives - ensuring it has the most effective and best-in-class calibers.

Associate development is a shared responsibility between the associate and our organization. Harvest supports all training, development & educational activities that lead to improved performance or prepare the associate for possible future job positions in line with his career path.

The framework for determining development needs & defining both the development objectives and training & development activities geared to meeting your goals is provided by your performance management process & your Organization & Talent Review process in which performance & potential are reviewed each year and new objectives are agreed on.

2-Educational Vision/Philosophy

Harvest group aspirations will not stop at the fact of achieving a competitive advantage in the market through its services to your associates, but further more to its aspirations in maintaining its state as a strong learning organization. Harvest group will not be satisfied unless it invests in your highest caliber associates because investing in our people is the future of our business

3-Trainings Initiated by our Company

Trainings on personal and interpersonal skills or organizational competencies – will be matched with your drafted in the associate’s development plan – that can be fully covered by harvest group & conducted in accordance with your training or HR departments.
Due to business needs or unplanned projects – the associate will be requested from your side by his/her Departments to attend training programs & workshops.
These training programs are designed to provide knowledge & skills and sometimes behavioral changes to ensure better job performance necessary to accomplish requested deliverables.
Helping people to perform their tasks professionally is our main objective. This will increase productivity, reduce costs and improve motivation levels and satisfaction in organizations.

II-Recruitment / Interviewing Process

Attract, recruit, select, develop and retain

1) Attract, recruit, select, develop and retain

Because human resources are the most valuable asset of any organization, we believe that more than 90% of the success of organizations depends on the quality of their people.
Harvest has the ability to organize a professional but still flexible and tailor-made recruitment / interviewing process. This will help you select the most suitable candidates according to your exact and specific needs.

Harvest commitment for ongoing upgrading and expanding its sourcing philosophy and procedures to attract suitable and talented calibers Out of this crowded market.

We used our SOPs as well as tools & expertise to screen and recruit
And finally select the suitable candidate through:

-Telephone screening procedures
-Scanning CVs
-First scanning interview (on request)
-IQ, English and Math. Tests (If required)
-Medical & pharmaceutical tests (If required)
-Case studies and other simulations used for recruiting higher positions
As we have our own assessment center

Either we complete the process by receiving your criteria for selection, your required technical, professional as well as behavioral competences in order to match your need and recruitment criteria
Or we welcome you in our company to perform the second and third
Interview or sometimes the first oneon request.


We are also delighted to provide your esteemed organization with a complete training for your employees who are involved in recruitment process, HR, Sales marketing etc….


We can also offer a system or process for the whole organization that will enable your team to perform the employment cycle  so ,select the best talent suitable or fit for Your required position

HR consultency
In most of the areas of HR management we are offering consultation, Audit, building processes & SOPs and
providing learning and development for variety of competences e.g

- Organizational planning and HR planning
- HR integration
- Organizational structure, OD, succession planning
-Talent management system
- HR polices
-Job analysis ,role profile and job description
- Learning & development
- Employee on boarding
- Recruitment selection & interviewing
- Performance Management system
- Compensation and benefits
- Motivation, Career development and job enrichment
- Employee relation /safety