Basics of interviewing and deploying

Our aim is ““ To  Build  organizational capabilities by developing its individuals collective competencies  and synchronizing these capabilities in alignment with our business strategies. To make people our competitive edge  ”

You will learn to
By the end of the seminar participants will be able to:
•   Design job profiles 
•   Discuss the different steps of interviewing
•   Run interviews in a role-playing situation
By focusing on
•   What is the importance of good recruitment?
•   The recruitment steps
•   Types of interviews
•   Stages of interviews
•   Rules and principles of interviews
•   Sample questions
•   Role playing

Who Should Attend?
Supervisors and all managers involved in recruiting new employees.

Average duration: 3 days

Human Resources Management for non HR

You will learn to
1.    Link the HR functions and efforts to the overall strategies of their organizations
2.    Outline and explain the main responsibilities and tasks of a HR professional
3.    Describe the most effective systems and techniques for manpower planning recruitment, career development, performance management and training
4.    Explain and evaluate those HR systems and techniques that are most appropriate and effective for your organization

By focusing on

•    An integrated approach to HR management competency, functions and proactive role
•    Recruitment and selection
•    Identification of training needs
•    Succession planning and career development competencies
•    Job design and evaluation
•    Appraising performance

Who Should Attend?

•    HR professionals looking for reviewing and reflecting 
their existing practices.
•    Line managers moving into the HR function and the professional overview on HR management.
•    Specialists in the HR department moving to a higher  
HR position.

Average duration: 4 days

Targeted selection

Select Your target: Interviewing & Selecting Outstanding People

Finding the right person for the right job is not easy! Don't be impressed by the wrong things.  Exceptional CV's do not mean that the candidate is the "right" one. So how do you pick the best person for your organization? This program will help executives and managers learn some essential techniques to interview and select first class people whose skills and attitudes align with your company's goals and vision.

You will learn to
1.    Identify and implement consistent recruiting, screening and hiring procedures
2.    Attract talent through innovative recruitment sources
3.    Screen and select exceptional candidates
4.    Interview so that you get the data you need
5.    Select what to include in the decision-making process

By focusing on:

•    Types of interviews and when to use them 
•    Conducting a goal-directed interview
•    Developing your own interviewing strategy
•    Avoiding the most common pitfalls of interviews
•    Uncovering interviewee weaknesses
•    Assessing the fit between job and candidate.
•    Making the most of your interview time

Who Should Attend?
Managers, executives and supervisors involved in the selection of job candidates, human resource and personnel development managers/executives and recruitment coordinators.

Average duration: 3 Days

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