Biotech Company (BAB Course)

“What I like about Dr. Baher that he usually repeats the new information, he takes his time, and he always makes sure that we understand the point, and Dr. Magdi was very funny and interesting, I really enjoyed the workshop with them, I understand the seminar and I can apply it in the future"

Isis Pharma (ACS Courrse)

"I liked the workshop specially the type of different emotions discussed and I will improve  myself in this area according to what I have learnt from the EQ part, the seminar was very organized and easy to apply.”

Multi-Apex Pharma (Management Course)

It is a good and efficient workshop; the instructors were friendly and professional."


Tabuk  KSA (Negotiation Course)

“The instructors are professional, the experience is obviously seen, I liked the case studies so much"

Sigma (Marketing Course)

“I liked the simplification of the information and the concept which was done by Dr. Baher, and I liked how Dr. Magdy energized the participants...Thank you very much”

Bioderma (Sales Course)

“I almost liked everything. The workshop was very useful and helpful. Teamwork teaching also. Dr. Baher is a very intelligent and delicate man”

Otsuka Egypt (Professional Certified Trainer)

“I liked the assignment and the opportunity of doing presentations and the format of the training”

Otsuka Egypt (Leadership Course)

“I liked Dr. Baher’s relaxed style, and how he is straight to the period. He also implements his own experience in the course. Dr. Magdy very calm, chooses his words carefully, high acceptance as a presenter and has a good of driving information”

“I liked most the practical implementations through the cases, and I liked how Dr. Baher is clear, direct to the point, open minded”

Apotex (Professional Certified Trainer)

“I liked the preparation of the Training and how the course gave attention to all the details”

FAP Company (Leadership course)

“I liked most of all, the team exercise, games and role plays because it helped me to accept and gain the matter correctly. Dr. Baher, also can deliver the information totally to me.”

Rottapharm Madaus (Leverage your Will to Win)

“Extraordinary Training as it overcomes the routine in any training and the instructors were very professional. The course gave us high power of willing to implement in my business”

MultiPharma (Supply Chain Management)

“I like the high discipline in the training and the dedication of the Instructors and how they were keen on our benefit”

Delta Pharma (Team up to Grow - Team Building Training)

“One of the Most fascinating training I have witnessed that contained large number of participants”