Why Harvest Group

Over 35 years extensive international experience in HRM, Training & development, recruitment and selection Sales, Marketing,  and Management in the Middle East(Egypt Saudi &Gulf) ,  Eastern Europe and Africa.

• Good reputation  see our customer List

• Integrated HR., Learning and development and Marketing services consultancy & solutions in one company.

• Conducted more than 550 training sessions in different areas e.g HRM ,training and development ,management development, recruitment and selection ,sales , marketing and other technical issues.

• Wide Hight –class experience of  both design and delivery of competency based programs , behavioral skills ,HR skills, management skills, leadership skills.

• Hands on experience in all topics at the training & Development level as well as the consultancy & organizational interventions focused on practicality and application of skills in market place.

• Bilingual Professional certified programs & Facilitators with regional & International in-depth experience & educational qualifications

• Experts in “Action Learning,” including facilitation techniques,  assessments, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies

• All workshops will include Two important components, which come FREE of charge.

-Transfer of Learning Methodologies to ensure that all skills learned in the workshop are implemented in the workplace

- KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to assist the team in scientifically measuring the implementation success of the learned skills on the job

• Harvest Group is an OD (Organizational Development) Experts, which will help in connecting the different  components together.  Additionally, our extensive expertise in system development will allow us to align the faculty’ curriculum with the organization’s Business & Strategic Plans.