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Thank you for trusting the Harvest Team for establishing “Company-wide" Human Resource Strategies. Learning and development programs as well as recruitment and selection are one of our company's professional and technical competences and experiences. At Harvest Group, we are very excited to cooperate with your esteemed organization, we are looking forward to partner with you along this excretion.
Be assured that Harvest Group are staffed and ready to provide you with the most tailored ,practical and professional programs possible in Consultancy, Training, Development and Organizational Systems. All of our programs will be custom-designed to meet your exact needs and expectations.
You can always count on our commitment to serve you and to provide you with your entire organizational needs by using the best available resources, the most qualified team, and the most innovative methodologies.
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner with you along this excretion and to support the “Organization Teams” in reaching their full potential.

Dr.Baher ElHossary . Chairman B.Sc.Ph., MBA.D. ,M.Ph.Sc ,PHD1.
HR, Learning & Development, Management & Marketing Consultant
Senior Instructor
Lecturer in MIU and MUST Universities

Our Services

Learning and Development

Educational Vision/Philosophy
Harvest group aspirations will not stop at the fact of achieving a competitive advantage in the market through its services to your associates, but further more to its aspirations in maintaining its state as a strong learning organization. Harvest group will not be satisfied unless it invests in your highest caliber associates because investing in our people is the future of our business.

Harvest Business Academy - HBA

1. Internal development programs within the company Retention, Development and Talent pool:
Including Certificates, Diplomas, Executive Diploma of Business Administration (EDOBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA). A) First level, (senior MRs) as a retention tool, as well as a developmental and talent pool.
B) Second level Harvest Business Academy for Management (Retention, development and talent pool.)

2. Public Certi?ed Programs, Diplomas, EDOBA, MBA

Recruitment / Interviewing Process

1. Attract, Recruit, Select, Develop and Retain:
We used our SOPs as well as tools and expertise to screen, recruit and finally select the suitable candidate through:
• Telephone screening procedures.
• Scanning CVs.
• First scanning interview. (On request)
• IQ, English and Math Tests. (If required)
• Medical and pharmaceutical tests. (If required)
• Case studies and other simulations used for recruiting higher positions as we have our own assessment center

2. Training:
• We are also delighted to provide your esteemed organization with a complete training for your employees who are involved in recruitment process, HR, Sales marketing, etc.

Harvest Center for Performance Assessment

Performance Based Assessment products/Template
1) Simple concept “Engaging Scenario” Planning.
2) Introduction “The Lay Out”.

1) A rigorous interview which explores key career transitions, aspirations and interests, and the candidate’s typical approach to work including his/her style of leadership.
2) Group discussions.
3) Case Study.
4) Psychometric/English &numerical tests if needed.
5) Optional Tests (medical, etc)
6) Candidates personal feedback (optional)/report.


HR consultancy:
In most of the areas of HR management, we are offering consultation, audit, building processes and SOPs and providing learning and development for variety of competences e.g.: Marketing Consultancy:
In most of the areas of marketing management, we are offering consultation, audit, building processes and SOPs as well as providing learning and development for variety of competences e.g.: E-Marketing Services:
Internet Marketing is any means you use to market your business online. How to market to people has radically changed over the last few years and it can be very confusing to businesses.

Harvest Societal activities and scholarships:

- Harvest group believes in its important role in society and it is always our passion on how to nourish the quality of living.
- Harvest is a sponsor for different kinds of scholarships to under graduates as well as post graduates.
- Harvest works on developing the skills of participants in different areas as:
Time management
Presentation skills
Facing the change
Business writing
Communication skills
Searching for jobs, etc.
- Harvest also offers different Human Development Programs. .


Different Programs will be launched July 2017in different areas :
- Sales/ Admins.
- Marketing. /personal development
- Management.
- HR.
- Leadership.
- Others.

Loyalty Program

To improve efficiency and profitability of your customers (pharmacists, doctors, purchasers…etc), the Harvest team are experts in designing and customization of Customer Loyalty Programs based on learning and development in different Personal Development and managerial skills as well as other specific loyalty programs.

Direct Marketing

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